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Books Are Awesome interview with Local Author Corbin Dunn and his book "The Man of a Thousand Eyes"


Books Are Awesome interviews with Corbin Dunn.

What inspired you to write sci-fi books?

Well most of my books are primarily fantasy, modern fantasy, fantasy horror, modern fantasy horror, and of course, sci-fi/fantasy. A great many of them have been my initial forays into writing specific genres. But in every genre, what inspired my interest was the desire to write what I want to read! It is the stories that I read myself that inspire me, and I desire to craft stories as moving, epic, and awe-inspiring as those! I want to make other people feel the way those stories make me feel. There are also a great many songs that inspire a feeling or concept that I am greatly motivated to turn into words.

Tell me a little bit about your books.

I have always loved stories that take you away, ignite the imagination, and provide an escape or outlet that regular life does not. Many parallels could be drawn between real world events or issues and my stories, but social commentary or satire is never my primary purpose. I believe in showing people how amazing that people can be, how amazing we can all aspire to be, when I show my heroes. But they are not without flaws. They are as flawed as anyone you may know, but they can be incredibly heroic and inspirational. You know, just like people! And the villains, they are never just evil. They are sympathetic even if they are evil, understandable even if they are easy to hate. Above all, I strive for my characters to be relatable, loveable, people you can relate to and understand. My stories are always about the people in them above the events they experience.

How do you select the names for your characters?

Haha… well this one is hard to nail down. My very first character was a succubus with a siren-like, singsong voice, so I named her after the genus of a songbird. Others I just make up random things that sound good together, particularly when dealing with non-human species, or with countries that don’t exist or don’t draw a parallel to existing nations. Other times I look through mythology, and have actually just used existing Christian demons in one book. My current work in progress, a fantasy-horror novel, I named a character after a friend who adores horror of all flavors! Oh, and I also named a lich (one of my favorite creatures) after what my own name would be had I been female. So in general, sort of whatever I feel like doing!

What was your hardest book to write?

The Man of a Thousand Eyes. It was my first attempt at horror, which was also a genre I did not read much. I had recently begun to read Lovecraft and was inspired by that, along with my long standing love of Poe. I stayed up late, in utterly dark rooms, listening to unnerving music to set the mood exactly right. I’m not ashamed to say I had quite a few more nightmares than would be typical while working on it. No regrets though, every dream of horrible things served to inspire. I still have many written down in my endless files of typed notes to make use of at some point in the future.

What one thing would you give up to become a better writer?

Time. You can get by without spending money on learning, though it can certainly help. You can get by without sacrificing other passions and joys. Writing survives quite functionally alongside many other hobbies! However, the one thing you cannot escape contributing to writing in order to improve is time. And not just time spent writing either. You need to write, obviously, in order to get better, but you also need to read. I don’t really remember learning a single thing in any English class that I have carried through into writing, other than basic ability to do so of course, but I can recall dozens of series, hundreds of books, that I absorbed style, language, characterization tricks, and countless other skills from. For me time has always been the big sacrifice. There is no TV time for me, or Facebook time. Anytime I can be sitting and watching a movie, I am also writing, or reading, or working on a dozen other aspects of my craft. My only real down time is that devoted to other hobbies, which in their own way are just as taxing. But writing feeds my soul in a way nothing else does, and I would write until the day I die even if I never made a dime. I think the best way to find happiness is to do for a living that which you would do for absolutely free, and that is certainly my goal!


You can contact Corbin Dunn on Facebook at AuthorCorbinDunn or email him at Corbin.Dunn.Ete@gmail.com